⌚ Kako pametan sat računa potrošnju kalorija?

⌚ How does a smart watch calculate calorie consumption?

The smart watch calculates calorie consumption by combining various parameters. Key factors include body mass, heart rate, activity and sometimes ambient temperature . Algorithms then use this data to create an estimate of calorie consumption.

As for specific activities , the calculation of calorie consumption depends on the intensity and duration. For example, getting out of bed burns fewer calories than brisk walking.

The smartwatch uses data on heart rate, type of activity and other parameters to better estimate consumption for a particular activity.
As for the accuracy in estimating calories burned during training, it can vary.

Accuracy of displayed calorie consumption

The accuracy of displayed calorie consumption on smart watches can vary, but on average it is believed that the deviation can be around 10-20%. This is only a general guideline and actual accuracy may depend on watch model, sensor quality, algorithms and individual differences between users.

Accuracy often varies, but most smartwatches provide solid estimates.

Factors such as body composition, different metabolisms, and how each person wears and uses the smartwatch can affect the accuracy of the measurement.


It is important to understand that these devices are primarily intended to provide orientation data, not absolutely accurate figures. It is useful to use them as guidelines and to follow trends, but not to take them literally.

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