Restorani u Međimurju

Restaurants in Međimurje

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Restaurant Terbotz

The art of creating food and wine

Tradition at the Jakopić family estate. For a hundred years, generations have created special wines, and the generation of our time combines excellent wines with a passionate dedication to food.

In 2002, Restaurant Terbotz was built on the picturesque hill of Železna Gora,
a place where our guests are happy to bring back pleasant memories.

Broken wheel

Restaurant "Potrti kotac" is located in a unique environment in
Medimurje hills, far known vineyards and centuries-old forests in the
surroundings where you can feel the spirit of old family farm life.

Little Hiža

Mala Hiža - Međimurje, Michelin Star, Restaurant

Today it is a warm restaurant with a romantic atmosphere, basically Međimurje, bourgeois-folk but innovative, seasonal and research cuisine.

The development of the restaurant offer, the concept of the kitchen and the overall development, is led by the owner himself with the help and wholehearted support of the family and loyal and loyal staff who are part of the family.

That they are on the right track was also recognized by the profession by inclusion in all the most important gastronomic guides, awards for the decoration of restaurants and the environment by the local community through the Croatian Tourist Board, reviews and inclusion of Mala Hiža in gastronomic stories of various media, and even more important recognition Mala Hiža by guests, as an unavoidable subject to visit (tourist attraction), who gladly return to Mala Hiža as a business clientele or privately.

Bistro Jastreb


We offer our guests original Međimurje cuisine as well as grilled and fish dishes.

Interesting things

The steam locomotive that once powered the pump in
the Vučkovec spa, which today is called the Sveti Martin Spa.
You can also look at the flail. There is also a barrel that you can sit in and
enjoy your company.


Your children can play on the children's playground. As part of
Bistro Jastreb has a smaller beach volleyball court, at
where you can play that favorite sport.

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