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Transportation services

Note: The list of services expands over time. Contact us if you want to promote your services.

Rudi Express - Transport

30 years of continuous business with recognizable quality, safety and satisfaction
passengers is our guiding thought. Investments in the fleet and continuous quality of services
are a guarantee of safety and comfort of traveling with our vehicles.

The organization of travel in our travel agency is fast and efficient. On our website
pages you can search for travel suggestions to the desired destinations or us
contact if you have personal preferences and/or additional questions. You will answer
get in a short time.

Leave the organization to us, and you travel safely and happily.
We can take you……wherever you want!

Jakopić Travel - Transport

Jakopic Travel. Međimurje transport. Međimurje travel agency.

* Passenger transport
* Bus rental
* Organized trips
* Agency services
* 098 488 105

We are extremely proud of our professional, reliable and motivated staff at the agency, who will kindly and friendly answer all your questions and help you choose the trip that best suits your wishes and interests. Our drivers are trained, experienced, patient and dedicated to their work. We also highlight our own vehicle fleet, which consists of quality Setra and Mercedes tourist buses. The buses are superbly equipped, and we try to renew and modernize the fleet every year.
Contact us with confidence and we will do our best to exceed your expectations!

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