Zdravstveni turizam u Međimurju

Health tourism in Međimurje

Note: The list of health entities expands over time. Contact us if you want to promote additional business entities here.

Polyclinic Lumbalis

Polyclinic Lumbalis brings together a professional team of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses so that each user can perform key tests and perform therapies for certain painful conditions in the same place.

The main activities of the polyclinic are:

  • orthopedics,
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation,
  • the Polyclinic's specialty is solving problems with
    spine and musculoskeletal system using non-operative
    methods such as spinal decompression therapy and manual therapy
  • cardiology, neurology, urology and general internal medicine and preventive systematic examinations.

Polyclinic Lumbalis is located within the complex of thermal mineral baths Terme Sveti Martin at the address Izvorska 1, Toplice Sveti Martin.

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