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HRT Reportage / Opening of the Međimurje checker

Međimurski ceker store opened - Župan Posavec: A great business venture that also incorporates love for the homeland

The Prefect of Međimurje County, Matija Posavec, welcomed Mrs. Novak's initiative as an excellent promoter of Međimurje's tourist potential:

-Here we are witnessing a great entrepreneurial venture in which love for the homeland and its heritage is embedded. The sales area and info center are located at the most frequented tourist spot in Međimurje , and the 400 or so items, from unique utility and decorative items to our top wines and delicacies from OPGs, deserve just such a presentation - pointed out Prefect Posavec.

The director of the Tourist Board of Međimurje County, Rudi Grula, adds that the value of this "checker" is evident in the fact that it gathers OPGs and helps them in the placement and recognition of products, and it becomes a valuable partner for the Tourist Board.

'MEĐIMURSKI CEKER' A combination of local products and a tourist info center

- This is not only about entrepreneurial thinking, but also about love for our region, for the quality of our products, our tradition and the heritage that we undoubtedly have in Međimurje. In the 'Međimurje ceker', over 400 items have found their place, united in one space, in Terme Sveti Martin, which is visited by many local guests and tourists, but also creates 60-70% of the total tourism in Međimurje. I wish there were more souvenir shops like this because all the creators and guardians of our heritage deserve it, said Prefect Matija Posavec , congratulating Irena Novak on her entrepreneurial venture.

- The value of the 'Međimurski ceker' is that it gathers numerous family farms in one place and offers them in Terme Sveti Martin, where the highest concentration of guests is. Mrs. Irena, a long-term worker in tourism, enthusiastically provides information about the entire tourist offer of Međimurje and is a valuable partner for us, added Rudi Grula , director of the Tourist Board of Međimurje County.

Owner Irene Novak's Međimurje checker presented to the public

In Međimurje ceker you can buy unique jewelry and souvenirs from Međimurje, local wines, liqueurs, jams, pasta, oils, cured meat products, body care products and handbags, and you can also buy gift certificates.

The Međimurje Ceker is also a place for accurate and up-to-date tourist information, as the official Tourist Info Center of the Međimurje County Tourist Board.

Međimurje ceker promotes Međimurje as the best enogastronomic destination in continental Croatia

Today, a shop and souvenir shop , Međimurski ceker , has been opened in Sveti Martin Spa, in the thermal complex there, offering quality products from our family farms, with an emphasis on ecological production, as well as native souvenirs from Međimurje. In addition to a rich assortment, the new store is also a tourist information center. Međimurje checker thus exists as a new promoter of the tourist potential of our region, promoting Međimurje as a top enogastronomic destination and the best choice for vacation.

The importance of tourism promotion of the region was emphasized by the head of the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri, Martin Srša , saying that the Međimurje ceker is an important segment in the presentation of heritage, and thanks to the support of Irena Novak's family, they will surely succeed in their intention to present Međimurje to guests and customers in full splendor.