Magjerka hill

Magjerka breg is a real attraction of our days, a hill only a few meters lower than the highest point of Meฤ‘imurje.

The view from the hill reaches four countries - Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia. On clear days you can see Zagorje, even Sljeme.

Brijeg was named after Emilia Krauthaker, better known as "Maฤ‘erka". Emilija was born in Budapest, and moved to the hill around 1940 as a Hungarian ballerina and wife of Albert Krauthaker.


Terme Sveti Martin

Welcome to Terme Sveti Martin,
the first Health resort in Europe, located in the north of Croatia. Resort
located in an oasis of peace, in Meฤ‘imurje, where tradition, culture and history already exist
they have been living in harmony with nature for more than a hundred years. It is the only European one
region that won the European Destination of award for the third time
Excellence. The resort is surrounded by 27 hectares of untouched nature
breathtaking, with picturesque hills of vineyards, as well as mischievous deer.
Today, the resort is known for its idyllic and healthy natural environment.



Restaurant Terbotz

The art of creating food and wine

Tradition at the Jakopiฤ‡ family estate. For a hundred years, generations have created special wines, and the generation of our time combines excellent wines with a passionate dedication to food.

In 2002, Restaurant Terbotz was built on the picturesque hill of ลฝelezna Gora,
a place where our guests are happy to bring back pleasant memories.


Broken wheel

Restaurant "Potrti kotac" is located in a unique environment in
Medimurje hills, far known vineyards and centuries-old forests in the
surroundings where you can feel the spirit of old family farm life.


Bistro Jastreb


We offer our guests original Meฤ‘imurje cuisine as well as grilled and fish dishes.

Interesting things

The steam locomotive that once powered the pump in
the Vuฤkovec spa, which today is called the Sveti Martin Spa.
You can also look at the flail. There is also a barrel that you can sit in and
enjoy your company.


Your children can play on the children's playground. As part of
Bistro Jastreb has a smaller beach volleyball court, at
where you can play that favorite sport.

Health tourism


Polyclinic Lumbalis

Polyclinic Lumbalis brings together a professional team of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses so that each user can perform key tests and perform therapies for certain painful conditions in the same place.

The main activities of the polyclinic are:

  • orthopedics,
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation,
  • the Polyclinic's specialty is solving problems with
    spine and musculoskeletal system using non-operative
    methods such as spinal decompression therapy and manual therapy
  • cardiology, neurology, urology and general internal medicine and preventive systematic examinations.

Polyclinic Lumbalis is located within the complex of thermal mineral baths Terme Sveti Martin at the address Izvorska 1, Toplice Sveti Martin.

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