Fizička aktivnost na prvom mjestu

Physical activity in the first place

In today's busy world, where unhealthy food options are readily available, it is important to understand how physical activity can encourage better eating habits . When we train or do physical work, our body naturally directs us towards food that will nourish us well. For example, chocolates may satisfy momentary cravings, but the body will seek out chicken, salads, vitamins – nutrient-dense foods as depleted stores seek replenishment. Even after eating chocolate, the body will require the right food to recover and continue to function at an optimal level.

Therefore, focus on training, that is, physical activity, with special emphasis on minutes of intensity. Aim for half an hour to an hour a day of any physical activity. The higher the heart rate during activity, the better because more calories will be burned. For example, half an hour of boxing can burn about 500 calories with an average heart rate of 140 per minute. So we will burn the calories from one large chocolate, but we will still need healthy food to nourish the body, recover the muscles and regenerate the microscopic damage in the muscles after training.

With regular training, it will be easier to motivate ourselves to cook healthy meals, and the next morning we will want to eat healthy again because the body is looking for quality nutrients to recover from the previous physical activity. On the other hand, if we don't train, the need for quality nutrition also decreases over time because there is no physical activity that would stimulate such needs.

To break out of that vicious cycle, it's important to do our best physically every day, regardless of our current fitness or weight. Even if we eat chocolates, it is important that we still train. Training will entail the need for a healthier diet.

So, training first, then nutrition - that's the way to achieve better health and fitness. Through consistent physical activity, the body will naturally seek out the foods that best support it, and you will feel better and be healthier.


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