Inovacija u Cekeru - QR kodovi za sve proizvode u Fizičkoj trgovini

Innovation in Ceker - QR codes for all products in the Physical Store

In today's technologically advanced world, the boundaries between physical stores and online shopping are becoming less and less clear.

At the heart of this revolutionary step is the store of domestic and healthy OPG products - Međimurski ceker, where we decided to raise the experience of our customers to a completely new level.

We present to you an innovation that will change the way you explore our products in a physical store - QR codes.

Connecting the Physical Store and the Webshop: Introducing QR Codes for a Better Experience

In order to combine the best of both worlds, physical store and webshop, we introduced QR codes on the labels of our products.

Now, while you are walking through our store and looking at our diverse offer, you can scan the QR code with your mobile device.

This scanned QR code takes you directly to the product page on our WebShop, where you can find a detailed product description, nutritional information, ingredients, reviews and many other related information.

Customize the language of the product description, regardless of where you come from

This technological innovation is not only practical, but also flexible.

Each scanned QR code allows you to adjust the language of the webshop and product description according to your wishes. We currently support the display of product information in Croatian, English and German, which means that customers of different language backgrounds will be able to explore our offer without any problems.

This is more than just a technological advancement; it is a step towards creating a fully personalized experience for our customers. We want you to feel at home in our store, no matter where you come from or what language you speak.

Educated purchase of domestic OPG products

We invite you to visit us in our physical store and explore the best Croatian domestic and healthy OPG products.

When you find something that interests you, don't forget to try scanning the QR code to learn more about the product.

This innovation is here to make your experience not only more enjoyable, but also more informative.

Combining tradition and modern technologies

We have combined tradition and modern technology to offer you the best of both worlds.

Now you can explore our diverse offer with the ease and comfort of a physical store with the benefits of detailed information available through the webshop.

See the opening hours and location of the physical store.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect products for your needs and enjoy the rich world of homemade and healthy OPG products.

See you! 🙌

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